Technology Courses

[00:00:00] In the 21st century, the tools we've come to use on a daily basis are ever expanding. That's why Apex Learning is happy to provide our new Technology Courses for project-based instruction in some of the most innovative fields out there, giving students opportunities to move from users of technology to makers.

[00:00:19] In the Apex Learning Technology Courses, students engage with instruction focused on coding, design, and animation, and use industry-standard tools to complete projects. We've got coding courses and students can choose from courses focused on game development, mod design, or app development.

[00:00:41] Using Unity, a professional game engine, students design a game. They learn how to use the coding language C# to program their own story, build expansive levels, and create a unique theme for their own fully interactive game. In mod design or server design, they program their own Minecraft mods and servers while learning and coding in Java. And in app design, students develop a real life, fully functioning app that can be installed on their own device.

[00:01:13] Design courses give students valuable instruction in 3D game design, 3D modeling, and fashion design. In each course, students learn valuable professional skills and come away with the design portfolio that they built from scratch. And in animation courses, students use a professional 3D software program to learn the fundamentals of animating. Students will learn about key frames, camera movement, compositing, simulated physics, as well as character animation concepts such as facial expressions and complex biped movements.

[00:01:46] The goal here is development of technology, critical thinking, and creativity skills through project-based learning, where students can walk away from the Apex Technology Courses with applicable skills and a portfolio of work they can be proud of.