Gulf HS - Pasco School District, FL

Coach H. - Graduation Enhancement Coach: [00:00:10] So much of the school is focused on academics and now one on one and 30 students for one teacher, and a lot of students can't handle that. And it's difficult. You get lost in a crowd. Now, with the help of Apex and the help of the study guides and help of quizzes and responses from quizzes, you kind of simplify things for them, like, hey, I can do this, you know. Now, do you not only have a teacher, but now you can refer to your study guides online as a helpful tool.

Brenda Lee - 11th Grade Student: [00:00:35] The traditional schools versus Apex: I have less fears. I have less anxiety. The program has helped me with my self-confidence in ways that I didn't think I could ever achieve.

Jackie Flores - Gulf HS Online Instructor: [00:00:48] Apex meets the Florida standards. And whether you're a student that is gifted, an I.B., needs to recover a class that has special needs, you can utilize this program.

Sean - 10th Grade Student: [00:01:03] Here I can sit down, focus, just, you know, put my head in, on the computer. It's important for me to graduate because it's it's kind of a goal for everybody in life. I feel like I failed if I don't. But out there, it's really different because you do you have to keep up with other people. You have to move at their pace. And there's not as much one on one help.

Maribeth Caldwell - Assistant Principal: [00:01:22] Prior to this program was, the students really weren't learning the content. They weren't demonstrating that they were learning the content. The students' frustration level and the teachers' frustration levels were increased and it would result in more acts of misbehavior and conflict in the classroom. Since the program has been implemented, the students are working independently on their own computer. They don't have to interact as much with the other students. They can be more focused on what they need to do instead of being in a group setting where they are trying to interact with others.

Jervon - 12th Grade Student: [00:01:53] Apex helped me build my confidence up by showing me that it's OK to be scared, but it's also OK to believe in yourself, show that you are worthy of doing these things, that you can push yourself to the max and prove to people that you can become what you want to be.

Sean Davis - Behavior Specialist: [00:02:11] Once they started to buy in and use the Apex platform, they started to realize, "well, I'm actually able to do this pretty well and it's a good way for me to learn." So the Apex platform allows the kids that are capable of doing the work and excelling to work faster, and the kids that might need that extra support are able to sit with a teacher with one of the assistants in the classroom.

Maribeth Caldwell - Assistant Principal: [00:02:29] Students are selected for this program based on parent and past teacher input. We sometimes use it for diagnostic teaching.

Coach H. - Graduation Enhancement Coach: [00:02:37] It really fits the needs of individual students because some students prefer the online component. Some students prefer the interaction with teachers and some prefer the fifty-fifty. So our goal is always introduce it so it fits all needs.

Maribeth Caldwell - Assistant Principal: [00:02:51] Kids are seeing the success in the older kids, so the younger kids are following suit and being able to tag along and find their journey. I see an excitement because they have hope. They know it's achievable now.

Sean - 10th Grade Student: [00:03:03] You really absorb it, it teaches you a lot and you get a lot of one-on-one assistance, move at your own pace. I like it, it's a nice program.

Brenda Lee - 11th Grade Student: [00:03:12] Now I can't wait to graduate. Can't wait to hold that diploma in my hand.

Sean Davis - Behavior Specialist: [00:03:15] Apex has allowed the over-age program to succeed. Eventually once the students bought in and it's really taking off and the kids realize they're capable of completing this coursework.

Jackie Flores - Gulf HS Online Instructor: [00:03:24] We have parents that are so grateful for this program, receiving messages and emails like that. That's what keeps us going, is knowing that we're doing everything we can to give these kids the chance to be successful.