Ryan Imbriale - Executive Director of Innovative Learning, Baltimore County Public Schools

My name is Ryan Umbriale. I'm the Executive Director of Innovative Learning for the Baltimore County Public Schools in Maryland. I've been in this position for a little over four years now. And prior to that, it was a high school principal in Baltimore County. I've done a number of jobs in public education over the last 20 years, everything from a middle school classroom teacher to working at Johns Hopkins University outside of Baltimore, Maryland.

The need that we found for Apex was really about transitioning the work that we were doing around opportunities for students. So we've had a traditional summer school program, a traditional evening school program for a number of years. We were looking for a new direction where we could really meet students where they were, be able to provide that just-in-time support for them, really give them the opportunity to come into a course exactly where they were and accelerate them through so they can meet those credits. And when we looked at what Apex was providing, it was the ideal solution for us, because as we transformed our classrooms, transitioned to an entirely new delivery system for how we looked at opportunities for kids, it was a natural match.

Well, I think what happens with the course content is because students are right where they need to be in their learning progression. They're very focused on what that content is that they're receiving. And so what ends up happening is a natural deep interest in the content that they're looking at and the content that they're learning about. And then the content that Apex provides enhances that because it is very engaging. When you add the teaching element into that scenario and you provide the teacher in some situations in that classroom to provide the one-on-one, one-on-two support, it enhances it even more.