The Apex Learning Team - Trusted Partner

Jean Sharp - Chief Academic Officer: [00:00:14] I think Apex Learning improves students' lives because education and learning are so critical to students' futures.

Don - Facilities: [00:00:21] The best part of my job, honestly, is the employees that I work with.

Jeni - Marketing: [00:00:26] It's a very good group of people. I think we did good work. I think we have good products and have fun doing it.

Ruth - Client Success: [00:00:33] The company really cares, has a heart for student success.

Kari - Virtual School: [00:00:38] What I love the most is our desire to keep growing and learning.

Jon - Sales: [00:00:41] One thing that always stands out to me is just how caring people are.

Helen - Software Development: [00:00:47] Everyone respects one another and cares for one another and is really nice to each other.

Tameka - Sales: [00:00:52] Yes, that's exactly what I do.

Don - Facilities: [00:00:54] We are, top to bottom, with the best of the best people I believe in the industry.

Ruth - Client Success: [00:01:02] People who authentically care.

Caroline - Sales: [00:01:04] The support systems that we have, the people that we work with in the school districts, the people that we work with behind the scenes.

Jon - Sales: [00:01:11] There are so many folks dedicated to the success of students and that is their highest priority.

Rachele - Finance: [00:01:19] One of my favorite days at Apex Learning, a parent called me to tell me that they were driving with their daughter across the state to drop her off for her first day of college.

Tameka - Sales: [00:01:31] My client, she gave me a tour and I got to meet the students and the students basically said thank you. They were just so excited that someone from Apex was there.

Kimberley - Sales: [00:01:39] You know, it makes Apex a great company because we're all on the same team with the same mission.

Rachele - Finance: [00:01:44] Which is making sure every student has an opportunity to succeed and graduate.