Kerrie Torres - Executive Director of Secondary Education, Orange USD

My name is Kerrie Torres and I'm the Executive Director of Secondary Education with the Orange Unified School District in Orange County, California. And we have had Apex Learning and Apex solutions with us since about 2010, 2011. And one of the interesting pieces that we were looking for was a complement to our current virtual online program. In Orange Unified, we had our own distance learning program that we created, but we were looking for a complement to help us with some credit recovery solutions.

And one of the things we really liked about Apex was the fact that it was rigorous, and we thought that the online content best matched the California state standards. And so, we adopted the program and we did so on a limited basis because we wanted to basically do a pilot because we also were using another company at the same time for credit recovery. And we basically wanted to build out slowly and see how our students adjusted to that program. And so fortunately for us, so far, the students have responded quite well and our teachers are giving us excellent feedback about the content and about the way the courses are structured and the fact that the students are able to access the content and the curriculum in a better manner than we have had in the past with some of our other programs that we've had. And we're looking at it from multiple solutions.

Like I mentioned, we started off on the journey with credit recovery; however, in the 2013/14 school year, we started to look at it for original credits. And so as we're continuing to build our virtual programs within our district, we are looking at that as a platform for original credit options for students who are looking for opportunities to accelerate, to advance, to graduate early, to add to their resume, to extend their sixth period day into eight. We have students that have all different types of needs, and we really find Apex Learning to be a virtual solution that can meet multiple needs for our students.