Why Apex

[00:00:00] At Apex Learning, we know that addressing the needs of each student is a challenge for teachers, for schools and for districts. That's why Apex Learning has created digital curriculum to support teachers in helping every student meet more rigorous standards and prepare for what's next based on proven research and best practices. Our digital curriculum uses a wide variety of interactive supports and scaffolds to help students master grade-level content. Students explore, practice and think critically. By seeing results for themselves to confirm their understanding, students deepen comprehension. Our digital curriculum also provides students with an active learning experience where they learn by doing rather than passively participating.

[00:00:44] What we were working with has not been meeting our needs, so it was just great to really explore it, take it slow. And my teachers were very impressed. They actually commented to me on the ease of use, the rigorous curriculum and the real, I think benefit was that the kids were feeling successful on the program.

[00:01:07] Our student-centered approach to learning helped students master rigorous content and build confidence in themselves. The approach of Apex Learning Digital curriculum has been proven to increase graduation rates, decrease dropout rates and improve student achievement. To find where more learning happens, visit us at ApexLearning.com/Curriculum.