Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning is Student-Centered

iNACOL defines personalized learning as: “tailoring learning for each student’s strengths, needs and interests — including enabling student voice and choice in what, how, when and where they learn — to provide flexibility and supports to ensure mastery of the highest standards possible.”

Students want their education to adapt to fit their needs and interests, rather than trying to fit into a one-size-fits-all mold. Personalized learning meets each student at their individual level of knowledge and learning style, boosting engagement, motivation and, ultimately, success.

Success Stories


Dorchester School District Two, SC

Apex Learning digital curriculum has enabled teachers to personalize learning and meet more students' needs.

Case Study

North Little Rock Academy, AR

Switch to Apex Learning More than Doubles Graduating Class

The Academy sought a digital curriculum that would enable them to move toward a personalized learning environment and meet the needs of these at-risk students.


Meeting Student Demand for Personalized Learning

This webinar looks at how districts can use technology to provide students with high-quality options beyond the traditional classroom, empowering students to meet their individual learning goals.


  • Julie Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Project Tomorrow, CA
  • Janet Leistner, Director, EVSC Virtual Academy, Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation, IN

Personalized Learning Paths in the Classroom

Even the most effective teachers struggle to meet the diverse needs of every one of their students. Apex Learning Courses help make personalized learning a reality with:

  • Multiple course pathways
  • Prescriptive pre-tests
  • Student-centered learning
  • Anytime-anywhere learning 
Personalized Learning White Paper

“We have parents who are so grateful for this program. That’s what keeps us going is knowing we’re doing everything we can to make these kids successful.”

Jackie Flores

Special Education Teacher

Gulf High School