Case Study

3rd-Party Implementation Study of District Use of Apex for Virtual and Hybrid Learning

February 01, 2022
Manassas Park City Schools, VA


Hanover Research conducted a mixed-methods product implementation evaluation that explored Manassas Park City Schools experiences implementing and using Apex Learning products and services within the district-wide virtual and hybrid learning environments that resulted from the global pandemic between spring 2000 and fall 2021.


Manassas Park chose Apex because of how easy the platform is to navigate, the ability to customize curricula, and the many design features available for effective instruction. The district prioritized virtual instruction and credit recovery needs. Further, the district chose to expand its use of Apex in response to COVID-19 since many teachers already knew how to use the system and how to support students and receive support from Apex’s customer services. The district created courses for and conducted training with every single teacher and customized courses to fit teacher needs. As a result, over 90 percent of teachers who used the curriculum for supporting accelerated students, summer school, credit recovery, and high school unit recovery indicated that Apex positively impacted student outcomes and provided teachers with additional opportunities to provide feedback on progress and performance, especially given the unique communication challenges with virtual learning.