Case Study

3rd-Party Implementation Study of District Use of Apex for Virtual and Hybrid Learning

February 01, 2022
Evansburg-Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC), IN


Hanover Research conducted a mixed-methods product implementation evaluation that explored EVSC experiences implementing and using Apex Learning products and services within the district-wide virtual and hybrid learning environments that resulted from the global pandemic between spring 2000 and fall 2021.


EVSC chose Apex specifically during this time period because its long-standing use of the platform at their virtual school and their need for a readymade curriculum. Of utmost importance was a desire to ensure continuity of instruction, and they were confident Apex could meet this need. The district noted how easy Apex products were to incorporate quickly and the way they could adjust Apex curricula for their specific needs. They found Apex easy to navigate and they especially appreciated the support from their Success Manager, the Helpdesk, and their Support Coordinator. Apex allowed EVSC teachers to employ a wide range of options to engage students and ensure their ultimate success regardless of whether the student was in-person or virtual.