Case Study

High‑Quality Digital Curriculum Meets District’s High Standards for Rigor and Flexibility

June 05, 2019
Edmond Public Schools, OK


Prior to Apex Learning, Edmond Public Schools was using another digital curriculum provider that did not meet the district’s requirements for rigorous curriculum, fidelity to learning, or secure delivery of content. Content needed to closely match in‑class instruction, and the district wanted students to really learn, not just click through an online program.


The instructional team at Edmond ultimately chose Apex Learning after reviewing several digital curriculum providers. Apex Learning fits and fulfills every one of the district’s policy requirements for online learning and can be used across multiple sites because the content is consistent and includes flexibility for varying site and programmatic needs.


With Apex Learning, educators can “reengage” students at risk of dropping out so that they feel successful and motivated to continue with their coursework. This has helped the district maintain one of the lowest dropout rates in the state.



District Profile 2017–2018

  • 24,892 students
  • 17 elementary schools
  • 6 middle schools
  • 3 high schools


  • White: 62%
  • Black: 12%
  • Hispanic: 11%
  • Two or more races: 9%
  • Asian/Pacific Islander: 5%
  • American Indian: 2%

Student Groups

  • Students with disabilities: 11%
  • English language learners: 4%
  • Economically disadvantaged: 25%


  • Courses
  • Apex Learning Virtual School


  • Blended learning
  • Virtual learning



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Personalized Learning to Support
Each Student’s Goals

Educators at Edmond Public Schools look at student success on an individual level with personalized graduation plans, and they needed to find high-quality digital curriculum to help them achieve their goals. “Apex allows individualization and customization for the students to reach their goals,” said Linda Sloan, CareerTech Specialist and Online Learning Facilitator. For students in credit recovery, Prescriptive Courses allow them to “show what they know” with the unit pre-tests and then focus on what they need to learn.

Read Aloud support helps students who are below proficient readers, especially English language learners. “They don’t have to stop and struggle…they can read it, hear it,” says Ms. Sloan. Teachers can monitor progress efficiently, provide immediate intervention, and ensure students stay on track. Ms. Sloan emphasized that the students recover the learning they missed, not just the credits.

Flexibility Across Multiple Sites

With Apex Learning, each site in the district has the flexibility to implement a schedule and expand course offerings in a way that best fits the needs of its students. For example:

  • The alternative school has two courses a day for six weeks.
  • One high school offers credit recovery during the flex hours (first or seventh hours).
  • One high school has an all-day schedule option with highly qualified teachers to match the students’ needs.
  • Summer school courses run for two semesters: one in June and one in July.
  • The virtual learning program for homebound students uses Apex Learning Virtual School teachers.


Virtual Learning Fits Diverse Needs

Edmond Public Schools strives to serve the diverse needs of their students, including students who are long-term suspended, homebound with a medical condition, or have other life situations that prevent them from attending school. With Apex Learning Virtual School, the district has confidence that these students are receiving high-quality curriculum and instruction. In addition, district students can earn NCAA-approved credits in a way that is more cost-effective than their former solution.

Students are choosing to take Apex Learning Courses, and Edmond Public Schools is looking to expand their use of Apex Learning beyond credit recovery to give more students opportunities to succeed in their learning.


“Apex allows individualization and customization for the students to reach their goals.”


Linda Sloan

CareerTech Specialist and Online Learning Facilitator