Case Study

Ohio State Test Retake Scores Improve Significantly After Using Tutorials

September 28, 2017
Forest Hills School District, OH


Students taking Ohio state exams need to earn a minimum of 18 points out of 35 across seven end-of-course exams in order to graduate. For students preparing to retake the exams, the district needed to identify and remediate learning gaps.


The district implemented a pilot program in two high schools with Apex Learning Tutorials to prepare students for end-of-course retakes. Adaptive Tutorials provided focused instruction to remediate students’ learning gaps. Scaffolds and supports helped students stay motivated to learn more challenging material and feel prepared for the tests.


  • 50% of students increased their end-of-course exam scores
  • Average retake scores increased 14 points, from 676 to 690

With the success of the pilot program, the district site coordinator and high school principals are planning for a strategic implementation of Tutorials to support more students preparing for end-of-course exams.



  AIR/OST Scores Average Up 14 points

District Profile

  • 7,350 students

  • Graduation rate: 95.8%

  • 2 high schools

Anderson High School

Average Performance Points

  • Before Tutorials: 1

  • After Tutorials: 2

Turpin High School

Average Score

  • Before Tutorials: 676

  • On Retake: 690

Average Performance Points

  • Before Tutorials: 1.5

  • After Tutorials: 2

“The students who used Tutorials seriously made some impressive gains in their OST exam scores.”

Rob Fellows

Associate Principal
Anderson High School

“I love using Tutorials. It helps me understand the material a lot better. Thanks!!!”

12th Grade Student

Anderson High School