Efficacy Studies

Beaverton School District, OR

Do middle school students using Apex Learning Adaptive Tutorials have the same or better chances of meeting or exceeding the state standards (Level 3 or above) on the SBAC summative assessments as similar students not using Adaptive Tutorials? Overall,…

School Year 2015–2016

Tutorials improved student performance on Tutorials measures of posttest achievement. Students using Tutorials achieved a 19 percentile point gain on average from pretest to posttest following use of the Learn It, Review It, and Try it instructional…

Houston Independent School District, TX

The evaluation by the HISD Department of Research and Accountability shows that HISD seniors who used Apex Learning digital curriculum in 2011-2012 graduated at higher rates than all HISD seniors. HISD reports, “In 2011– 2012, 93 percent of 12th-grade…