Brett Rusnock can follow his students' every move on his laptop: how much time they spend on computers each day at Waltrip High School in Houston, their scores on quizzes and when they stop working. He even gets e-mail alerts when they toil at home into the wee hours.
We educators are directly responsibe for crucial, life-saving work. Today, a student who graduates from school with a mastery of essential skills and knowledge has a good chance of successfully competing in the global marketplace, with numerous opportunities to lead a rewarding adult life.
Ana King had a rocky freshman year at Victor Valley High School. She moved to Victorville mid-semester and though she tried, she couldn't seem to catch up in some subjects.
Many school districts have programs to help at-risk students graduate. The focus is on allowing students to work at their own pace, often at night. They also assist students in finding other services, such as food stamps or help with housing.
Response to Intervention (RTI) is a potentially powerful framework for organizing, allocating, and evaluating educational resources to meet the instructional needs of all students and to prevent long-term school failure.