October 23
Baltimore County Public Schools to Present at the 2017 iNACOL Symposium

Dr. Lisa Williams, the director of equity and cultural proficiency for BCPS, will lead the…


The Record — When Troy Public School 12 hosted the board of education meeting on April 21, the auditorium seats at 475 First Street were filled with the building's administrators, staff, teachers, students and relatives.
Daily Chronicle — Students with emotional or mental disabilities have been able to turn over a new leaf in education thanks to a unique opportunity within the district.
NationalJournal — Last year, Courtney Durst was the only student at her high school to take AP English Language and Composition. When she was stressing about her homework, none of her friends could relate. "We're not that full of AP courses, college courses," she says of her school.
District Administration Magazine — Continuing to recognize the best of the best, the editors of District Administration Magazine are proud to present this year's 2014 Readers' Choice Top 100 Products, which were selected from more than 2,000 unique nominations.
EdPulse — Every day classroom teachers face the daunting task of accommodating students' individual learning needs. The expectation of achievement for every student falls squarely on teachers' shoulders. With up to six class periods a day and students at different proficiency levels and with varied learning styles, it's a challenge for even the most experienced educators to ensure that each student stays on track.
OHIO — At North Ridgeville City Schools, Superintendent Dr. James E. Powell was not happy to see [students struggling] in his district. Dissatisfied with the high school graduation rate and tired of losing students and funding, he and his staff began looking for a way to keep these kids at North Ridgeville and help them graduate on time with their peers.
INDIANA — A Race to the Top-D grant recipient in suburban Indianapolis is going fully 1-to-1 with Chromebooks, partnering with an online learning provider to update its curriculum ahead of the rollout.
Jubilee (Academy), near Prescott, is a private, Christian boarding school for boys ages 13-19 who have suffered trauma and neglect. It enrolls 40 to 60 students year round, and provides online schooling and experiential learning for its students in addition to group activities and service projects.
This summer, Baltimore County Public Schools took a different approach to teaching summer school...The approach is called "blended learning", and it is being used to teach students certain classes with the assistance of a computer program from Apex Learning.
District Administration — Blended and online learning platforms are changing K12 pedagogy by providing students with some control over their path, time, pace and place of learning.