White paper

What High-Achieving Students Have Discovered Through Virtual Learning

September 30, 2021
ALVS (Apex Learning Virtual School)
Authored by Jean Sharp

Student athletes face a real challenge. To stay at the top of their game both athletically and educationally, they must learn to balance their demanding training and travel schedules for games, tournaments, and competitions with that of a flexible yet rigorous academic program that emphasizes the importance of learning as they prepare for their future.

For many student athletes, the solution often means selecting a virtual learning program. Virtual learning affords these students the choice of time, pace, path, and place for learning, which their demanding schedules require, while providing access to an educational program that allows them to excel academically, offering the breadth of courses to meet rigorous standards for a high school diploma, the flexibility to prepare for post-secondary opportunities, and the support to keep them on track as they progress toward high school graduation.

To understand what it takes to be successful in a virtual learning environment, I spoke with students, each of whom were identified as high-achieving students and several who are also student athletes. In our conversations, I asked them:

  • How would you describe the benefits of virtual learning?
  • What has been critical to your success in virtual learning?
  • How did virtual learning prepare you for your next steps beyond high school graduation?
  • What advice would you offer to students who are new to virtual learning in terms of their academic success?

Their experieces offer insights and wisdom that lead to academic success in Virtual Learning.