White paper

Changing Their Story—One Student at a Time

Our students inspire us by their courage and perseverance and are a reminder that obstacles can be overcome when you have just one person cheering you on to the finish line.

November 17, 2021
A program serving students with high risk factors
Authored by Jean Sharp

For most at-risk students, staying engaged in school is a challenge in the best of times. Today, in a time of pandemic learning, the challenges these students already face have been exacerbated. Learn4Life, a nonprofit public charter with a network of over 80 high schools, has been serving non-traditional students since their inception in 2001. They help students who haven’t been successful in a tradition school setting. Their student population is comprised of students who are at-risk, who are behind in credits, and those who have dropped out of school.

Learn4Life has designed its program to offer flexibility for learners with numerous risk factors. Students engage in a personalized learning program, built around their strengths. They receive one-on-one attention, a trauma-informed approach, and wrap-around services to support the whole student.


Flexibility is the cornerstone of how Learn4Life’s learning model is structured. Students are the masters of their own time management and schedules with guidance from teachers.