More Success for More Students

Apex Learning delivers increased graduation rates, greater success on high-stakes exams, and more students Really Ready  for college, work, and life. We have evidence—independent and district-level, from anecdotal to quasi-experimental—that prove that with the help of Apex Learning, students succeed.

Efficacy Studies+

Efficacy studies summarize findings from quasi-experimental and randomized controlled trials to provide statistical evidence of the effectiveness of Apex Learning.


Case Studies+

Case studies discuss the in-context results a district achieved as the result of its use of Apex Learning. 

Case Studies



Video testimonials offer first-person accounts of the impacts of Apex Learning on students in a district or program.


Efficacy Studies

Apex Learning conducts quasi-experimental efficacy studies that meet the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requirements for evidence-based efficacy.


Efficacy StudiesA Study of the Efficacy of Apex Learning Adaptive Tutorials on Middle School Student Achievement

Case Studies+

Apex Learning Case Studies focus on a district’s challenge, the use of Apex Learning digital curriculum, and the results.



Window Rock Unified School District, AZ