+Success Matters

How can you be sure Apex Learning will help your district improve student outcomes and provide opportunities for them to thrive?

One very important word: Research. 

What does success mean to us? It means more students succeeding in the classroom, confidently passing high-stakes exams, and graduating from high school ready for what’s next.

Our comprehensive body of evidence includes:

  • Case studies that detail challenges districts have overcome
  • Testimonials that share student outcomes
  • Rigorous, evidence-based efficacy studies

Because success matters.

Results Graphic
Anna Fortuna, Classical and Jazz Percussionist
Salvatore Bullaro, Hockey Player

Superintendent Joe Lopez discusses how partnering with Apex Learning helps his district support their students.

Joe Lopez


Student Jonathan talks about his experience with online learning and using Apex Learning for his summer health course. In particular, he found it very helpful to have the subject matter presented in different ways and to be able to see exactly what he needed to work on. In addition, he was pleasantly surprised that he could interact with both the teachers and students.

Jonathan E.

Student, Hilltop High School

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