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+Success Matters

How can you be sure Apex Learning will help your district improve student outcomes and provide opportunities for them to thrive?

One very important word: Research. 

What does success mean to us? It means more students succeeding in the classroom, confidently passing high-stakes exams, and graduating from high school ready for what’s next.

Our comprehensive body of evidence includes:

  • Case studies that detail challenges districts have overcome
  • Testimonials that share student outcomes
  • Rigorous, evidence-based efficacy studies

Because success matters.

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"They're with you on the journey". Superintendent Joe Lopez discusses how the partnership his district has with Apex Learning helps them support their students.

Joe Lopez


Administrators from districts in Texas discuss how Apex Learning prepares students for EOCs and high-stakes exams, with rigor and fidelity to standards.


Texas School Districts

Brownsville ISD, which serves primarily an at-risk student population, uses Apex Learning to increase student achievement in middle school and boost TSI scores.

Dr. Dora Sauceda

Assistant Superintendent

Euclid City School District, OH
School Years 2016-2017 through 2018-2019
School Years 2016-2017 through 2018-2019

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