Success in High School and Beyond

Graduation is a major milestone that high school students look forward to, and every student should have the opportunity to take his or her own path to get there. That’s why it’s so important to have digital curriculum that gives districts the flexibility to provide different learning options and support a variety of programs.

Alternative Education

Students in non-traditional programs have the opportunity to earn the credits required for graduation.

High school teacher questioning students during a lecture in the classroom.
Screenshot explaining that Apex Learning digital curriculum provides rigor aligned to standards and actively engages students.

Credit Recovery

Effective credit recovery solutions mean that students not only pass the class, but are ready for the next step.

Test Readiness

It’s more than just test prep. It’s instruction that pinpoints skill gaps, builds content mastery and helps students focus on the concepts that will be tested. Results show that students using our digital curriculum are more prepared for high-stakes tests and actually do better, often scoring higher than students not using Apex Learning.

Close shot of a young student taking a test.
Female site engineer in her 20s wearing a blue hardhat. She is standing on a bridge.

College and Career Readiness

A solid foundation for postsecondary success starts before graduation. Apex Learning digital curriculum prepares students for high-stakes college readiness exams and future careers.

Summer School

Innovative districts can expand learning options that give students the opportunity to recover credits, prepare for exams, take electives and accelerate their learning.

Teacher assisting a student who's preparing for an exam. They are in front of a computer.