Alternative Education

The traditional classroom doesn’t work for every student. Alternative learning options give struggling students ownership over their learning so they can go at their own pace and learn in their own way. With Apex Learning, they get high-quality, standards-based curriculum, and the scaffolds and supports that expose them to grade-level coursework.

Another Path to Success

Digital curriculum empowers struggling students by giving them more control over their learning. In a non-traditional setting, they no longer have the frustration of trying to learn a concept or skill after the teacher has moved on to the next topic.

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Diferantiated Instruction

Differentiated Instruction

Students all have different ways in which they learn and the challenge for educators is to provide a personalized learning experience that meets diverse academic needs. The instructional design of Apex Learning presents concepts in different ways, including interactive activities and animated explanations to keep students engaged and motivated.

Integrated Assessments

No-stakes checks for understanding, along with scored quizzes and tests, help students see how well they know the material, and where they need improvement. At the same time, their teachers can track progress and performance in real-time, providing immediate intervention when needed.

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See Alternative Education in Action

Academic Center of Excellence at Cabot School District, AR

ACE provides a blended learning environment with one-on-one help for at-risk students. Partnering with Apex Learning, the school achieved a 97% graduation rate. Students are staying on track to graduate and meeting rigorous state standards, as well as enrolling in AP® classes.