Credit Recovery

Provide each student with the opportunity to focus on exactly what he or she needs to master to recover credits.

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Credit Recovery

Intentional Support for Struggling Students

When students get stuck, they get frustrated. We provide the help they need to keep moving forward. Apex Learning digital curriculum is designed with the struggling student in mind. Scaffolding and supports are built into the curriculum to give students help the moment they need it.

Engage and Motivate Students to Learn

72% of students in credit recovery have attendance issues, so motivation is key. Apex Learning students are participants in their learning, not just passively receiving of instruction. As a result, students are not only engaged, they develop deeper understanding of the material.

Ready for Graduation

Ensure Students Are Prepared After They Earn the Credit

With Apex Learning, districts don't have to water down the curriculum. Scaffolds and supports give students access to rigorous, standards-based instruction. When they do earn those credits they’re ready for the next course and next EOC test or state assessment.

Credit Recovery in Action

Efficacy Study: Houston Independent School District

Compared to the year prior to adopting Apex Learning Courses, the graduation rate improved by 8.6 percentage points and the dropout rate fell by 3.3 percentage points.