Test Readiness

When students are truly prepared for high-stakes tests, it takes a lot of pressure off them—and pressure off educators and administrators who are expected to deliver results.

More Than Just Test Prep

Most test prep focuses on drilling practice items, memorizing facts, and knowing how to beat the test by understanding its structure. Test readiness empowers students to truly learn and understand the concepts they will be tested on, not just how to take the test.

Apex Learning provides direct instruction and practice with feedback on the grade-level skills that will be tested. When students develop deeper understanding of concepts, they get better scores, whether they are taking end-of-course (EOC) tests, ESSA-mandated state tests, high school equivalency exams, or college entrance exams.

More Than Just Test Prep

Help for Struggling Students

When students are already struggling to catch up, preparing for high-stakes tests can be daunting. Tutorials provide struggling students with:

  • Instruction that builds deeper understanding of concepts to be tested.
  • Adaptive remediation to address any prerequisite skills needed.
  • Active learning to ensure concepts and skills are reinforced.

Meet State Standards

State-specific Tutorials are designed specifically to meet each state’s standards. Continuous reporting by standards gives teachers and administrators insight into test readiness.

Meet State Standards

Test Readiness in Action

Forest Hills School District, OH

Apex Learning Tutorials provided focused instruction to remediate learning gaps. Fifty percent of students increased their end-of-course test scores and the average retake scores increased 14 points.