Instructional Services

Whether you need a short term solution to teacher shortages or need to fully staff your virtual school or program, Apex Learning Virtual School can help.

ALVS teacher

Apex Learning Virtual School

ALVS is a turnkey solution designed to meet your district’s unique needs. Partner with Apex Learning to address teacher shortages, expand your course catalog, or even set up your own virtual school or program.  ALVS gives your students access to standards-based, NCAA-approved, engaging courses AND highly qualified, state-certified teachers.   

"Apex Learning Virtual School - the perfect solution to our summer school needs."

"My son needed an accredited online school that was NCAA approved to get ahead over the summer.   ALVS had the NCAA-approved courses he was looking for, and he had a great experience.  The Apex teachers and student services team were responsive and accommodating with any questions we had.  We will be using Apex again this summer and highly recommend them."

—Jennifer (Burbank, CA)


Ensuring you can offer courses that meet the NCAA eligibility requirements to your student athletes is an important responsibility for schools.  ALVS has over 200 NCAA-approved courses, including honors level and state-specific courses.

ALVS Students