Test Readiness

When students struggle to catch up and get back on grade level, preparing for high-stakes tests is a lot more frustrating. With targeted solutions, students get the support they need to bridge learning gaps and prepare for critical tests without falling further behind.

More Than Just Test Prep

Direct instruction and practice with feedback are both critical for students to get better scores on the high-stakes tests required by ESSA. Tutorials provide both with:

  • Instruction that builds deeper understanding of concepts to be tested
  • Adaptive remediation to address any prerequisite skills needed
  • Active participation with interactive tools to ensure concepts and skills are reinforced
Teacher assisting students during an e-learning class. Students are preparing for high-stakes tests with Tutorials.
Class Overview Dashboard. Teachers can track and address student performance in real time.

Intuitive Dashboards

Teachers can track and address student performance in real time to make sure students truly understand the concepts that will be covered on the test.

State-Specific Tutorials

State-specific Tutorials are designed specifically to meet each state’s standards. Continuous reporting by standards gives teachers and administrators insight into test readiness.

Screenshot showing the progress and performance of students by standard.

Tutorials in Action

Efficacy Study: Beaverton School District, OR

Using Tutorials, students in the Beaverton School District in Oregon were 20 percent more likely to meet or exceed state standards on SBAC assessments in ELA and 6 percent more likely to meet or exceed those standards in math.