Engaged Students Achieve More

"Increased student achievement is correlated to motivating coursework: An engaged and motivated student is more likely to be a high-achieving student." (Hattie, 2009).

In order to keep ALL students motivated, especially those who struggle or have been disengaged from school, educators need to ensure that engagement is built into the very DNA of course design.

In the digital environment, engaged students experience personalized learning and actively participate in their learning. Real learning takes place as they observe, inquire, create, connect and confirm


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Hear Michael Horn and district leaders discuss how well-designed digital curriculum ensures that real learning takes place, engages students, and leads to higher achievement.

Our presenters provide examples and share best practices that can help your district provide a path to success for all students.

Jan 17:  

  • Michael Horn, Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation
  • Dr. Valerie Wanza and Dr. Daniel Gohl, Broward County School District (FL)
  • Dr. Scott Ebbrecht, Westerville City School District (OH)

Jan 31: 

  • Michael Horn, Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation
  • Kelly Purvis and Camilla Liferidge-Pinckney, Dorchester School District Two (SC)

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