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Congratulations to our 2015 Award of Excellence Recipients!

By Megan Campbell

Apex Learning is pleased to announce the winners of our annual Award of Excellence, which honors six exemplary online learning programs from across the nation. The schools and districts selected foster and demonstrate extraordinary vision and dedication to increasing student achievement through blended and virtual learning.

Read on to learn more about the innovative 2015 recipients.

Woodland Public Schools’ TEAM High School offers an alternative for students

Insights Success — 2018 — Woodland Public Schools’ TEAM High School offers an alternative path for students to achieve success in their K-12 education by offering flexible lesson schedules, self-directed lesson plans and personalized teaching in a focused learning environment. TEAM’s students use a computer-based curriculum called Apex Learning to select classes from a full range of core academic subjects and electives.

Innovating to Better Meet the Needs of English Language Learners

This is the fourth blog in a series where we will be exploring the topic of innovation and its impact on digital curriculum. 

More than 36 languages are spoken at Emmett J. Conrad High School in Dallas, which has a large population of students who are from families granted refuge or asylum. While it’s common to have ELL students in today’s classrooms, educators say they are struggling now more than ever to fulfill the academic and social-emotional needs of this increasingly diverse student group. 

Apex Learning Expands Middle School Digital Curriculum

Press Release — 2018 — Apex Learning announces the expansion of its middle school digital curriculum for the 2018–2019 school year. Now with a complete digital curriculum in math, science, English, and social studies for grades 6–8, Apex Learning is able to support middle school students in mastering grade-level content and put them on the path to high school success.

Apex Learning Digital Curriculum Integrated into ASSIST Education Platform

Press Release — 2018 — Apex Learning digital curriculum, known for rigorous, standards-based digital curriculum proven to increase student achievement, announced it is fully integrated into the ASSIST Education cloud-based program, streamlining school and education management. Apex Learning digital curriculum will be a primary resource for schools using ASSIST, an integrated education management system for K-12 schools.
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