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Congratulations to our 2015 Award of Excellence Recipients!

Apex Learning is pleased to announce the winners of our annual Award of Excellence, which honors six exemplary online learning programs from across the nation. The schools and districts selected foster and demonstrate extraordinary vision and dedication to increasing student achievement through blended and virtual learning.

Read on to learn more about the innovative 2015 recipients.

Top Four Considerations When Selecting an Online Learning Partner for Secondary Education

Personalized learning comes in many different forms but the foundation for success is the same: selecting a high-quality, rigorous curriculum that accelerates and deepens student understanding. But not all digital curriculum is the same and not all will enable teachers to design a variety of rich learning experiences that meet the individual needs of every student. 

Online Learning to Support Intervention and Remediation for Struggling Students

When students are below or at risk of falling below grade level in one or more subjects, it’s an immense challenge for teachers to meet their needs while continuing to meet the needs of the rest of the students in their class. If struggling students don’t get the support they need, they often lose motivation, fall further behind, score lower on high stakes exams and become at risk of dropping out.

EVSC created this great video to explain why their virtual learning program is so effective.
Hear from parent Dan LaFountain, whose son, a former student at Fairfax County Schools, was able to take Apex Learning Courses and graduate despite being homebo...

Dan LaFountain


Kristin Escamilla explains how Houston ISD uses specialized campuses with Apex Learning curriculum and how the program helps students feel empowered, ultimately...

Kristin Escamilla

Virtual School Liaison

Audrey Carter discusses how Options for Youth Public Charter Schools implemented Apex curriculum as an alternative education option.

Audrey Carter

Assistant Principal

New Jersey Schools and Districts Gain Access to Digital Curricula

The Journal — 2016 — New Jersey — The Educational Services Commission of New Jersey (ESCNJ) has selected Apex Learning, a Seattle-based digital curriculum provider known for making standards-based content for all K–12 students, for its member districts and teachers. ESCNJ is the state’s largest educational services commission, providing shared services in all 21 counties.
Kerrie Torres explains how Orange Unified School District implemented Apex's digital curriculum and their successes with the program.

Kerrie Torres

Executive Director of Secondary Education

Courses deliver a wide range of solutions for original credit, Advanced Placement, credit recovery, and Common Core readiness. The rigorous, standards-based cou...

Strategies for Effective Teaching in a Virtual Learning Environment

Teaching in a virtual learning environment can be both challenging and extremely rewarding. After seven years of teaching secondary English in a traditional classroom, I was given the opportunity to teach in a virtual environment and it was here that I learned what it means to truly differentiate instruction in order to meet the needs of every student. However, making this change was in many ways like starting over as a first-year teacher.

CDE's Top Technologists, Transformers, and Trailblazers

Each year, the Center for Digital Education (CDE) recognizes the Top 30 Technologists, Transformers, and Trailblazers across the country. Individuals are chosen for their leadership and innovation in meeting the individual needs of each student through the use of 21st century learning tools in their classroom, schools, and districts. These educators bring forward new ideas, collaborative initiatives, and a willingness to embrace the unknown in order to transform learning in the classroom.