Digital Curriculum

Digital Learning in a Rural District

2020 — One of our positives, one of our bright spots, has been the digital curriculum that we use from Apex Learning. We use Apex for our credit recovery program, and some college prep and foreign language coursework. It’s been in place...

What about the teachers? How administrators are supporting teachers with digital curriculum adoption

Our latest episode of Opportunity Thrives, a podcast where we are committed to better supporting the needs of today’s struggling secondary students through interviews with students, teachers, administrators, technologists and education influencers, we explore what teachers need most when it comes to adopting new digital curriculum programs.

Apex Learning Announces Leadership Transition

2019 — Apex Learning, a recognized leader in online learning for secondary education, announced today that Chris Porter has succeeded Cheryl Vedoe, long-time CEO of the company. Cheryl will continue to be actively involved with the company as a board member and advisor. “It is an honor to succeed Cheryl, who has had an extraordinary tenure with Apex Learning,” said Chris Porter. “I am proud and delighted to serve as Apex Learning’s next chief executive officer. This is a very exciting time in education, and I am thrilled to lead Apex Learning’s continuing growth and amazing impact as we provide students with the best opportunities to succeed.”

Students Thrive When Instruction Is Designed to Fit Them

Students at Miami Trace High School in Ohio are thriving in a class environment that puts their own learning styles and pace first. Under this model, students can catch up, keep up, and feel confident as they enter end-of-course testing. The students in Christie Wilt’s classroom can grab a laptop or tablet, cozy up in a lounge chair, and work at their own pace through digital curriculum that is designed as much to adapt to their unique learning styles as it is to meet state standards.

Supporting Student Needs with Effective Digital Curriculum

Digital curriculum can be instrumental in personalizing learning to serve students with varying levels of readiness and a wide range of needs. However, not all digital curriculum is created equal.

This webinar will familiarize you with the benefits of digital curriculum to personalize learning and improve student outcomes, as well as key considerations when choosing a digital curriculum solution.

You’ll learn: 

Washington County Public Schools launches online tutorials for middle, high school students

2019 — Online tutorials are available for middle and high school students of Washington County Public Schools when they are away from the classroom. The resources from Apex Learning in math and English language arts can provide help on homework, offer extra practice on topics with which a student is struggling, facilitate accelerated learning to get ahead in certain subject areas, and prepare for standardized tests or college entrance exams.