Digital Curriculum

Beyond the Pandemic: Providing Digital Curriculum to All Students

This school year has been challenging and understandably some educators are in a hurry to move from online learning back to familiar classroom teaching models. But going back to the way things were before the pandemic isn’t a realistic goal and misses opportunities for creating a new approach that blends the expertise and human connection offered by teachers in a classroom alongside the benefits of a digital curriculum.

Moving Forward: Bringing Positive Impact to Education

While many things remain uncertain about the year ahead, districts are fully engaged in the challenging work of moving education forward as we consider what changes will be needed, even desired, to best serve the needs of students and their families in a post pandemic world. They view disruptive change as an opportunity to reinvigorate our commitment to learning and push us toward innovation. In this webinar, we will explore changes that can shape the future of education and our commitment to moving forward in positive and meaningful ways.

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Identify and Close Learning Gaps

With the extended school closures due to COVID 19, students may have learning gaps that make it difficult for them to access grade-level academic content. Join us for a discussion exploring ways to use Apex Learning Tutorials to identify learning gaps and set students on a path to grade-level mastery.

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Fill students' learning gaps and increase grade level proficiency

Apex Learning Partners with NWEA to Address Student Learning Loss

2020 — “Now more than ever teachers need resources they can count on to address learning loss and help students progress toward grade-level goals,” said Chris Porter, CEO, Apex Learning. “This is especially true as educators work to address learning loss resulting from COVID-19 school closures.