Personalized Learning

The Educator Mindset Needed for Successful Online Education

What mindset shift do educators need to help students thrive in a digital environment? We go deep on the mindset of teaching digital curriculum, what’s involved, and how the educator mindset for teaching digitally is vastly different from teaching in a traditional classroom.


Simple Strategies for Supporting Students During Remote Learning

Adapting to hybrid and remote learning is a challenge for many students. Students are struggling for several reasons, including a lack of engagement, of motivation, of executive functioning abilities needed to keep up with and turn in assignments, and of skills needed to ask for help. Teachers must balance grades and flexibility when supporting students under these circumstances.

Personalized Learning Has Arrived: New Podcast Episode

Jean Sharp, the Chief Academic Officer for Apex Learning, was a recent guest on Remote Possibilities, a new MarketScale edtech podcast hosted by Kevin Hogan. In this episode, Jean shared her belief that in order to stop the significant student learning loss following the crisis, we must be intentional about our path forward and attend to the social-emotional needs of our students. We share a few highlights from the interview below.

Creating a Path to Success for Students Who Need Unique Support

The average student who starts below grade level has a one in four chance of catching up. That means a tremendous number of students are struggling in every school district nationwide. Despite the best efforts of teachers and administrators, it is challenging to address the wide range of needs required to support each struggling student, such as those with learning gaps, below proficient readers, and English learners.

Meeting Student Demand for Personalized Learning

Today’s students are digitally adept and have never known a world without Google. They grew up with ubiquitous access to information and interactive tools designed to respond to their unique needs and interests. That experience informs the expectations they have of their schools and education.

Building Bridges to Success for English Language Learners

English language learners are the fastest growing segment of the student population in the United States. However, many schools are unprepared to meet the diverse needs of this growing population. Inadequate funding, insufficient staff, inaccessible instructional materials, and other barriers can and do hamper even the most thoughtful ELL efforts. One of the greatest challenges in supporting English language learners’ long-term success is building content mastery and English language proficiency simultaneously, so they can perform at grade level quickly.

How to Personalize Learning for Struggling Students

Districts and classroom teachers face the daunting task of meeting the learning needs of every student, accommodating for different proficiency levels and varying stages of academic readiness while ensuring students stay on track. This is a nearly impossible feat, even for the most experienced educators.

How to Bring a Program to Life: Implementation Best Practices

Teachers are tasked with the difficult, but important, challenge of meeting the needs of struggling students and guiding them toward increased achievement. However, it’s often impossible to give one-on-one time to every student who needs help. With a strong implementation plan, teachers can utilize digital curriculum to help them target intervention, quickly identify and remediate learning gaps, and support students in their path to college and career success.

Vision for Achievement: A Success Story

At its heart, personalized learning is about student learning, not technology. Impactful personalized learning requires: establishing a common vision; providing educators with professional learning opportunities to successfully implement personalized learning techniques and technologies; a qualified teacher to guide and support students; and access to high-quality digital curriculum that supports student learning.

CEO Cheryl Vedoe Discusses Student Readiness in MDR Article

Are today’s students really ready for college, work, and life? CEO Cheryl Vedoe posed this question in a guest post for the MDR thought leadership blog, Voice from the Industry. In her column she encourages readers to celebrate the increasing graduation rates, but also to recognize the fact that many students are still not graduating prepared or ready for the next step in college and career.

4 Types of Professional Learning Critical to Effective Personalized Learning Programs

For digital curriculum to make a significant impact — to improve student outcomes through personalized learning — teachers need more than instruction in using digital tools. That’s why it’s important that school leaders dedicate time throughout the year for teachers to collaborate and share best practices for using digital curriculum to meet student learning needs.