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Apex Learning Announces Collaboration with PowerSchool to Streamline Digital Curriculum Integrations for Students and Educators

2020 — “We recognize that seamless integration of digital tools within a district's ecosystem is critically important, especially in light of an increasing need for high-quality, distance learning and virtual programs,” said Chris Porter, CEO, Apex Learning. “This collaboration with PowerSchool will save educators time and deliver improved experiences for students, teachers and administrators.” 

Is it possible to build meaningful relationships with students (from a distance)?

In our 17th episode of Opportunity Thrives, a podcast committed to better supporting the needs of today’s secondary students, we explore this very question.

We know that education leaders are doing all they can to ensure the safety of students, teachers, and staff for this fall. For many districts, that has meant starting off the year with fully virtual learning programs.

Online learning is not the same as learning in the classroom, but that’s okay

Online learning was never intended to replicate classroom learning.  But that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as effective. Classroom learning is fundamentally built on the ability to interact with one another – student-to-teacher or student-to-student – in a face-to-face environment.  And any effort to replicate the classroom experience online will likely overlook the benefits of using technology.

A Virtual School Success Story: One district shares how to integrate a virtual program, including pitfalls to avoid, and strategies for getting it right the first time

We know that education leaders are doing all they can to ensure the safety of students, teachers, and staff for the start of school this fall. Many districts are also navigating numerous requests from families to offer a virtual program. Districts may have addressed these concerns in their reopening plans and are now finding that the current situation requires further action.

Providing More Opportunities to More Students with Virtual Learning

Virtual learning enables districts to expand learning opportunities beyond school walls and days by increasing access to high-quality courses and meeting the needs of students who are unable to attend classes on a traditional campus. In addition, virtual learning helps districts address teacher shortages and resolve scheduling conflicts.

This webinar will introduce the benefits of virtual learning and how to integrate virtual learning within your district to serve more students without requiring more resources.

You’ll learn: 

Top Four Considerations When Selecting an Online Learning Partner for Secondary Education

Personalized learning comes in many different forms but the foundation for success is the same: selecting a high-quality, rigorous curriculum that accelerates and deepens student understanding. But not all digital curriculum is the same and not all will enable teachers to design a variety of rich learning experiences that meet the individual needs of every student.