Student Engagement

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Dr. John White discusses how the ease of use of Apex Learning helps educators focus on teaching and how the structure helps students meet high expectations.

Dr. John White

Principal, Lumberton High School

Research Put Into Practice: Teaching and Active Learning with Media

Students learn more when information is presented in different ways -- direct instruction, text, audio, video, and interactive simulations are just a few examples.

Research Put into Practice: Apex Learning Curriculum and Pedagogy examines what it means for a student to learn and presents research pointing to the elements of curriculum design that are necessary for supporting learning in middle and high schools.

How Digital Curriculum Helps Engage and Motivate Students to Persist and Progress

For non-traditional students, outside factors can often interfere with a student’s learning in a traditional brick and mortar setting. Digital curriculum can be an empowering experience for these students. In traditional teacher-centered classrooms, non-traditional students often indicate that they have little control over their learning. In a digital curriculum environment, however, they are often better able to make choices over the path and pace of their learning. Digital content simply affords options for non-traditional students that often better meet their learning needs.

How Does Digital Curriculum Serve Diverse Student Needs?

How do we ensure digital curriculum is supporting the diverse needs of students? Developing curriculum that meets a wide range of learning needs can be a challenge, but at Apex Learning we begin by recognizing that students arrive in the classroom with a variety of experiences and skills. We then intentionally design instruction in a manner that makes content accessible to learners by anticipating the supports that a good teacher or learning coach would employ in the classroom. Learn about the many ways Apex curriculum is designed to serve the diverse student needs.

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For Dorchester School District Two, Apex Learning digital curriculum has enabled teachers to meet more students' needs. Hear about their successes with personal...

Student Achievement is Correlated with Engaging and Motivating Digital Curriculum

In today’s increasingly diverse classrooms it’s no small task to personalize instruction for every student’s needs. With some students struggling to master basic skills and others leaping ahead, teachers simply don’t have the bandwidth to create individualized curriculum for every student in the class. But that’s what is needed for every student to thrive. And that’s where digital curriculum can empower educators.

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Gulf High School provides an alternative program to the traditional environment that helps students build confidence and become motivated by their success.
By harnessing technology, we can provide students with an active learning experience where they learn by doing, not by passively listening.