At-risk Students

How Schools and Parents Can Work Together to Strengthen Students’ Social-Emotional Health

Today’s students have weathered a storm of collective trauma unlike anything we’ve recently experienced. The isolation and unknown of the COVID-19 pandemic disconnected them from their friends, stunted their social development, and erased important milestones in their young lives.

Video transcript
Assistant Superintendent Sue Peterson discusses how Apex Learning supports students with individualized instruction, resulting in a jump in EOC scores.

Sue Peterson

Assistant Superintendent

Six Ways Digital Curriculum Supports ESSA to Close Student Learning Gaps

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) that went into effect last year has provided unprecedented opportunities in what accountability means and how it is measured in today’s schools. These changes have required new thinking from leaders at the school, district and state level and is creating new models of teaching and learning. Technology is playing a vital role in driving this vision to reality. ESSA has provided districts with an opportunity to prioritize technology in ways that truly transform teaching and learning while creating a broader vision for how it is used.