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Virtual Learning

The Blueprint for Success with District-wide Virtual Learning

If there’s one word that continues to surface with educators and what’s required of them to lead effectively, it seems to be empathy. We have seen many districts display a powerful, empathic leadership style throughout the pandemic. This could not be more true for the two leaders we spoke with from Tucson Unified School District and how they have navigated the challenges and opportunities the pandemic has created for their district.

Finding the Magic in Virtual Learning: One District Shares their Keys to Success

If there’s one thing Lisa Rowbotham believes, it’s that effective teachers create magic when they ignite a student’s passion for learning. In this episode of Opportunity Thrives, we focus on education innovation in New Jersey. We have the pleasure of chatting with Lisa who is the Secondary ELA Supervisor for Passaic Public Schools, and she also runs the AVID program for the district.

Streamlining District-wide Communication: Best Practices from Tucson Unified School District

In our latest podcast episode of Opportunity Thrives, we had a chance to chat with Leslie Lenhart, the Communications Director for Tucson Unified School District in Tucson, Arizona. Leslie shares the district’s strategies to be very intentional and responsive during the pandemic, including many practical tips that others can implement within their own districts.

Four Strategies that Foster Student Engagement

Keeping students engaged in learning has proven to be one of the biggest challenges schools face in this season of virtual learning. As districts moved to remote learning at scale in the spring and as they continue to respond to local infection rates with remote learning in the fall, concerns over how to keep students engaged in online learning have risen.   

Taking a Data Driven Approach to Ensuring Student Success In Virtual Learning

Adjusting to teaching and learning in a virtual environment is not easy—as thousands of educators and students are experiencing right now. But when done well, online learning has the potential to increase student achievement. West Central Learning Academy has been at this for a long time and has the data show that students are often more successful in their program.

Personalized Learning Has Arrived: New Podcast Episode

Jean Sharp, the Chief Academic Officer for Apex Learning, was a recent guest on Remote Possibilities, a new MarketScale edtech podcast hosted by Kevin Hogan. In this episode, Jean shared her belief that in order to stop the significant student learning loss following the crisis, we must be intentional about our path forward and attend to the social-emotional needs of our students. We share a few highlights from the interview below.