Summer School

A Summer School Model of Success

It’s been over a year since schools began to close in response to COVID and the future is bright. Many districts hope to be able to safely reopen schools in person this fall. This means that now, more than ever, summer school will be an integral time to get students up to speed to start a new year fresh.

4 Ways to Support Struggling, Adolescent Readers

One of the most complicated and critical issues facing post-secondary district leaders today may be hiding in plain sight. Literacy rates among secondary students are staggering with millions of high school students struggling to read at grade level, and at least 70 percent of these struggling readers requiring some form of remediation to successfully complete grade level content.

Serving More Students with Expanded Summer School Programs

Summer school programs now offer far more than credit recovery alone. Many districts are expanding summer learning opportunities to a wider range of students, both those who want to accelerate their learning and those who need to get back on track for graduation.

Salamanca school officials deem revived summer school program successful

The Salamanca Press — 2018 — Over the summer, the district offered several online courses through Apex Learning where students could recover credits they didn’t get during the regular school year. “We had some fantastic results, from graduation all the way through summer school and the Regents exams,” said High School Principal Chris Siebert. “A lot of kids are earning credits that they didn’t quite earn in June.”

Not Your Father’s Summer School: How Districts are Reinventing Summer Programs to Increase Opportunity and Achievement

Back in the day, summer school was just for students who needed to recover lost course credit. Today, innovative districts are expanding their summer programs beyond traditional remediation of course failure to meet a wide range of student learning needs, including options to earn initial course credit, prepare for college entrance exams, and remediate gaps in the prerequisite knowledge needed for success in the upcoming grade level.