Virtual Learning

Virtual learning removes time and place barriers and offers students an effective alternative to the traditional classroom. Districts are quickly, seamlessly — and successfully — integrating virtual options from Apex Learning to engage more students by enabling them to enroll in a wider variety of classes and complete coursework on a schedule that works for them.

A virtual school increases access to effective educational opportunities for all students. Based on its proven effectiveness with secondary students, schools are using virtual learning to:

  • Expand a course catalog
  • Overcome a shortage of qualified teachers
  • Provide options for students seeking alternatives to the traditional classroom.


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Case Studies


Catoosa Online Academy, GA

Students Thrive in a Virtual Environment

Like many public school districts, Catoosa County Public Schools serves a number of students who require an atlernative to the traditional classroom. Through the Catoosa Online Academy the district offers virtual learning opportunities to provide students the flexibility they need to complete rigorous coursework at their own pace outside of the classroom.

Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District, AK

Overcoming Geographic Constraints

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District 
(Mat-Su) leverages the flexible learning management system within the Apex Learning digital curriculum to enable a number of its highly qualified teachers to provide online instruction across the district. A suite of communication tools keeps students connected with their teachers, mentors, and peers, while dashboards and reports provide timely and meaningful data for teachers to monitor progress and inform instruction.

Iowa Online AP Academy

Online Courses Extend Advanced Placement®
 Access to All Students

Students attending small, rural schools gained access to AP® courses through a virtual learning environment. A total of 5,135 members of Iowa's graduating class of 2010 took at least one AP exam while in high school, a 9.5 percent increase over the previous year and more than double the number 10 years ago. Not only did more students take AP exams, but they also outperformed the national average by 3.4 percentage points.