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ALVS is a turnkey solution designed to meet your district’s unique needs. Whether you are faced with a temporary teacher shortage or are looking to offer courses with lower enrollment numbers, ALVS can help. ALVS gives your students access to standards-based, NCAA-approved, engaging courses and highly qualified, state-certified teachers. 

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Accredited and Approved Virtual School

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What do you get when enrolling your students with ALVS?

  • Access to an accredited virtual school
  • 100+ NCAA-approved core courses
  • Highly qualified, certified teachers
  • Experienced online teachers
  • Live Tutor Chat available up to 12 hours a day M-F
  • Rolling enrollment throughout the year
  • Student services team to support your students and YOU!
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How Can ALVS Support Your District Virtual Program?

ALVS serves over 20,000 students each year, helping them sharpen their minds, gain confidence in their abilities, and start the road to college and career success. Here’s just a few ways partnering with ALVS can benefit your schools and students.

Offer summer school Reengage home school students
Provide credit recovery Support traveling students
Address teacher shortages Meet NCAA eligibility requirements for student athletes
Expand course offerings Serve hospitalized and homebound students
Offer courses with limited enrollment numbers Reach at-risk students in a non-traditional format
Certified Online Teachers

Experienced, Certified Online Teachers

When students take online courses from Apex Learning Virtual School, they get the benefit of a team of experienced educators—those who designed the courses and those teach the courses. For every course, students have an assigned teacher who monitors student progress, provides feedback, and is available for student questions through email, phone, and video chat.

  • ALVS teachers have an average of 21 years of teaching experience—7 of those years online.
  • Our Advanced Placement® teachers have an average of 14 years of AP® teaching experience, 7 of them online.

Engaging, Standards-Based Courses

Apex Courses are standards-aligned, interactive, and highly engaging. The lessons, practice opportunities, activities and assessments are varied to keep students’ attention. Audio recordings, animations, formative exercises, and interactive simulations make the content engaging and take advantage of each student’s learning strengths.

Students benefit from the continual guidance and feedback provided by the opt-in support and scaffolds integrated into every course. Each lesson includes multiple opportunities for students to explore, apply, practice, and confirm their learning. This active learning approach develops critical thinking skills and deepens understanding.

All Apex Courses are available through ALVS. 

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In Need of NCAA-Approved Courses for your Student Athletes?

 ALVS offers more NCAA-approved courses than any other virtual school.  Learn more about how we help thousands of high school athletes meet NCAA initial eligibility requirements each year so they can go on to play Division I and Division II collegiate sports.