Personalized Learning Series

Serving More Students with Expanded Summer School Programs


Join us on February 14, 2018, 11:00 a.m. (Pacific)

Speaker: Lisa Valdes, iSierra Online Academy Department Chair at La Sierra High School, Fullerton Joint Union High School District, CA

Moderator: Jason Mitchell


Summer school programs now offer far more than credit recovery alone. Many districts are expanding summer learning opportunities to a wider range of students, both those who want to accelerate their learning and those who need to get back on track for graduation.


This webinar examines the expanded summer school program implemented by Fullerton Joint Union High School District two years ago. We’ll look at the lessons learned and best practices developed, as well as the benefits of serving more students during the summer break.


You’ll learn: 

  • How your district can use summer programs to serve a wider range of student needs despite limited resources
  • How to provide flexible opportunities for students to earn initial course credit
  • How summer school programs can increase college and career readiness


Learn how districts use Apex Learning in their summer programs to provide students with more options for learning.

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