How to Build an Exemplary Equity Program


Join us On January 16 | 11:00 A.M. Pacific

Speaker: Shomari Jones, Director of Equity and Strategic Engagement, Bellevue School District 405 of Bellevue, Washington

Moderator: Jason Mitchell, Apex Learning

While there has been progress in advancing equity in education, there remains tremendous potential to ensure that struggling students receive access to the specific and varied resources they need to graduate college- and career-ready. For districts across the country, the challenge is to address issues such as freeing up teachers so that they can provide individualized support and targeting learning gaps with scaffolding and supports, as well as meeting the specific needs of diverse populations, including English language learners and students who receive special education services.

One tool educators can use to provide balance and access at scale is digital curriculum; however, technology that personalizes instruction can’t single-handedly create equity. It must be combined with a well-designed and supportive learning environment in which staff are culturally competent. In this webinar, Shomari Jones will share about an equity model that successfully incorporates all of these elements at Bellevue School District 405.


You will learn:

  • How you can provide leadership as you gain buy-in and consensus for your equity eff­orts
  • Steps to take to ensure you maximize the potential of digital curriculum in your equity program
  • The process of making the shift to "digital content" for all students, creating equitable access