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Amidst the Chaos: Planning for Consistency in Learning

June 16, 2020 10 a.m. Pacific

In the rush to keep students learning amidst school closures this spring, educators did a phenomenal job of getting remote learning programs up and running. In that rush, however, continuity and consistency in learning were severely disrupted.

Looking to the fall, there is more opportunity to plan for consistency in what may very well be chaotic times. In addition to equity of access challenges, the social-emotional impact for students is top of mind. And there will continue to be unknowns. We’re not sure what school will look like in the fall, where our students will be in terms of academic readiness, or how teachers will adjust to more online learning.

We do know that our students’ continued learning is dependent upon us having a consistent plan for them. Join us for a webinar in which experts explore how educators can plan for consistency in a chaotic and ever-changing environment.