Crowdsourcing: 4 “Whys” to Drive Meaningful Decision-Making

July 28, 2021 10 a.m. Pacific

Is your district creating buy-in that leads to meaningful connection and engagement?  Solving complex problems for school districts has always been a challenge and taking everyone’s opinion into consideration when arriving at a decision is even harder. But this can feel different if all stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, and the broader community) are engaged in the decision-making process early on. When everyone feels heard, it’s often much easier to land on the best solution. Fortunately, we now have resources and technology available to help make tough decisions that accurately reflect the opinions of our communities.

In this webinar, we partnered with ThoughtExchange to discuss how technology can serve as the facilitator for building stronger, more meaningful relationships with students, teachers and the broader community.


Our guest speaker, Andy Krenz, joins us from ThoughtExchange, the only Enterprise Discussion Management platform powered by patented anti-bias technology. Modern leaders use ThoughtExchange to quickly gain critical insights and improve decision-making for their districts. Whether you’re engaging ten stakeholders or a community of 10,000+ people, ThoughtExchange allows leaders to drive strategic discussions at scale. Since 2009, ThoughtExchange has been helping school districts across North America validate and align on top district policies, address student and staff success, and build trust with their communities.


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Crowdsourcing: 4 “Whys” to Drive Meaningful Decision-Making

2021-07-2810 a.m. Pacific

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