Identify Learning Gaps Before It’s Too Late: How One Middle School Does It


October 23, 2019 10 a.m. Pacific

Students in middle school are building knowledge and skills to serve them throughout their academic career and life. If they miss a crucial concept in this stage, even the brightest students can fall behind. To address this, one middle school uses digital curriculum to integrate standards-based diagnostic assessments into core instruction. This method allows the school to monitor student progress toward grade-level proficiency and personalize the level of support to match each student’s individual needs. Join us for a webinar to learn more.


You will learn about:
  • Identifying and remediating knowledge gaps to bring students to grade-level proficiency.
  • Putting information at teachers’ fingertips so they can quickly identify which students need help.
  • Supporting students who need something different than the traditional classroom experience.
Webinar Type
Thought Leadership Webinars