Supporting Credit Recovery Students, Part 2: Instructional Decisions

April 06, 2021 10 a.m. Pacific

Join us for a new webinar series dedicated to your continued professional learning. We’ll evaluate topics such as the role of social and emotional learning in student success, teaching standards for online learning, and special education student needs. Each topic will be shared in a three-part mini series, and you can attend one, two, or three 30-minute sessions that can count toward a CEU credit. Our first mini series topic will be supporting credit recovery students.

Supporting Credit Recovery Students consists of three sessions that each explore a relevant topic, investigate barriers with potential solutions, and provide a framework for reflection on applicability to  students in your teaching environment.

In the instructional decisions session, we will:

  • Explore modalities for student experiences in instructional design.
  • Investigate student barriers to success and instructional design options.
  • Reflect and consider integration into what you already do every day.

Check with your school district to determine if you may compile all three sessions in this series into a portfolio of evidence for recertification units or credits.

Webinar Type
Professional Learning Series